At Advanced Skin Renewal, we offer more than just skin services. We also provide health services such as hormone replacement therapy with our Biote hormone therapy solutions. Westlake, Ohio, area patients are welcome to visit with our professionals to learn more about this bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and determine if it can help you address changing hormone imbalances in your body.

Frequently asked questions about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or Biote

What is Biote hormone therapy?

Biote hormone therapy is a unique type of hormone replacement therapy that utilizes plant-based hormones to supplement the body’s natural hormone levels. It involves using bioidentical hormones, which are structurally and functionally identical to the natural hormones produced by the human body. This makes them more easily recognized and utilized by the body, reducing the risk of side effects when compared to other hormone therapy options. The hormones are administered through pellet injections performed at Advanced Skin Renewal.

Why should I choose Biote hormone therapy over other hormone replacement therapy options on the market today?

The team at Advanced Skin Renewal of Westlake, Ohio, offers a personalized approach to Biote hormone therapy. Our medical professionals work closely with you to monitor and adjust your hormone levels while also addressing any underlying health concerns or imbalances that may be contributing to hormonal issues. 
Additionally, unlike traditional hormone therapy, Biote hormone therapy utilizes pellets that are inserted under the skin and deliver a consistent dose of hormones over time. This eliminates the need for daily pills, creams, and hormone patches while allowing for a more convenient and hassle-free experience.
Furthermore, bioidentical hormones used in Biote hormone therapy are derived from natural sources, including yams and soybeans, making them a more natural and holistic option compared to synthetic hormones. They also have a lower risk of side effects because they closely mimic the body’s hormones.

Is Biote hormone therapy safe?

Our team finds that Biote hormone therapy is generally considered safe when the pellets are injected and administered by a trained medical professional at Advanced Skin Renewal. The use of bioidentical hormones reduces the risk of side effects, but as with any medical or health-based procedure, there are potential risks and complications that should be discussed with your healthcare provider at our practice. Hormones play a critical role in certain bodily functions, and hormone imbalances can have a significant impact. We advise patients to weigh the pros and cons of their hormone replacement therapies.

How do I find out if I am a good candidate for Biote hormone therapy?

Westlake, Ohio, area patients interested in finding out if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is appropriate for their needs are encouraged to connect with the providers at Advanced Skin Renewal.
Call (216) 509-6345 to speak to our team at 26202 Detroit Road, Suite #100D, to request an upcoming visit and learn more about this and other ways to balance your hormones for better health and vitality!