Facial rejuvenation with a photofacial treatment

Patients with concerns such as poor skin texture and tone, pigmentation, sunspots, and other skin issues may find themselves connecting with a cosmetic practice to learn about skin renewal and rejuvenation services that can help. At our Westlake, Ohio, area office, our team may recommend certain solutions for facial rejuvenation, including the popular IPL photofacial service. If you are interested in this service, now is the time to connect with the team at Advanced Skin Renewal.

What is the IPL treatment?

The intense pulsed light, or IPL, treatment is a non-invasive solution that utilizes light-based technology to help correct specific skin concerns. The photofacial method works by emitting pulses of targeted light into the deeper layers of the skin, triggering collagen production for a healthy and youthful appearance. This type of facial rejuvenation can also work in areas with hyperpigmentation and vascular concerns.

Who may benefit from an IPL treatment?

Those who have skin issues such as brown spots, redness, acne scarring, rosacea, and enlarged pores may find the IPL procedure beneficial in helping them achieve the look they desire. In addition to photofacials, patients at our office may discuss various forms of Botox® and dermal fillers as we tailor a customized treatment plan for their specific needs. These injectables are often used to fill in or smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, common signs of aging that patients would like to address along with their light-based skin treatments.

What should I expect during the IPL procedure?

Before your photofacial, our team may recommend that you discontinue certain medications or substances such as sunscreens, retinoids, and alpha hydroxy acids at least two weeks before your appointment. This helps us effectively treat the skin without any interference from other products. We explain how the process works to help patients understand it better and feel more confident about moving forward with this type of facial rejuvenation service. After discussing your goals for achieving younger-looking skin, we prepare your skin for the light-based treatment, which will take approximately 30 minutes or less.

How do I learn more about photofacial cost and expectations?

At Advanced Skin Renewal, we discuss all aspects of treatment before continuing, including the expected costs. If you live in Cleveland, OH, and want to speak to our providers about photofacial services, call (216) 509-6345 to request an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 26202 Detroit Rd Suite 100D.