Use your own PRP for hair rejuvenation after thinning and loss

At Advanced Skin Renewal LLC, Cleveland’s medical spa, Genevieve George and her team in Westlake, Ohio, work with patients to help them clear and enhance their skin. Additionally, she is pleased to offer solutions for concerns such as hair thinning and loss. This includes PRP injections for hair growth. Using injections of an element from a sample of your blood, our team can help regrow hair in a more natural and biological way, rather than using medications or special shampoos to achieve results.

What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It is a component of your own blood that has been processed and reinjected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. PRP contains growth factors, which are proteins naturally found in the body that is responsible for aiding injury repair and regeneration processes, such as stimulating hair follicles. The unique combination of components found in PRP encourages natural cell turnover, which can help increase collagen production and even improve the hair’s texture, color, and thickness.

What can I expect from PRP for hair growth treatment?

The first step involves drawing a small blood sample from your arm, just like at any routine doctor’s appointment. Next, it will be placed in a centrifuge and spun until the plasma is separated from the other components of your blood. This plasma will then be injected into areas of your scalp where hair growth is desired. Depending on the severity of the thinning or balding, it may take multiple sessions, but you should start to see results within several months following treatment.

Request an appointment at our practice to discuss plasma hair treatment

Receiving PRP injections for hair loss and thinning at Advanced Skin Renewal LLC in Westlake, OH, can improve your confidence by restoring hair growth without surgery or taking medications. If you have noticed thinning or loss and would like to explore this option with Genevieve George and her team, contact us today to discuss this state-of-the-art procedure! Our medical spa is conveniently located at 26202 Detroit Rd Suite 100D and can be reached for an appointment by calling (216) 509-6345.